Sex Tape trailer

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are a couple who have sex at every chance they can get. After having two children, they have fewer and fewer opportunities to have sex. While the children are away one night, they try to reignite their sex life. After Jay struggles to get an erection, Annie suggests making a sex tape. They film themselves having sex in every position listed in The Joy of Sex. After Annie asks Jay to delete the tape, he ends up inadvertently synching the video to several iPads the couple have given away over time. After struggling to get it out of the cloud, they set out to get back all of the gifted iPads, leading to a series of awkward encounters and close calls.

After collecting the iPads and deleting the videos, their neighbor's son threatens to upload their sex tape to YouPorn unless they give him $25,000. After failing to get the money, they break into the YouPorn headquarters and begin to destroy their servers. Their plan is quickly thwarted when an alarm sounds. The owner (Jack Black) and his cronies confront them and threaten to call the police, but agree not to do so in exchange for $15,000 to cover the damage. He also removes their video and explains that they only had to email if they wanted a video taken down. After wiping all but one copy of the video, Jay and Annie decide to watch the video once themselves. They afterwards take the USB flash drive it is stored on and go outside to smash it with a hammer, burn it with fire, and bury the pieces..

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