There anyone who have ever do DROPSHIPPING method?

This method of trading is becoming more and more popular by the day. If you choose to use a dropshipper it basically means you can advertise their products then once a product is sold you pay the dropshipper and they send direct to your customer. This has some excellent benefits in the way that it means you do not need to hold any stock so there is no need for allot of capital if just starting out. However if you do choose this route you must be sure you trust in their service and quality as that dropshipper will be representing you and your company so it may be a good idea to order a sample to a friend or even to yourself to see the goods first hand and get an idea of the dropshippers services. Another tip to look out for is check the dropshipper provides Blind Dropshipping. The chances are most will but always best to check as it means the customer will receive the product with no reference to the dropshipper at all giving the feeling the product is straight from yourself.


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