Should I wait for him or just move on?

 So here is a little backstory, I work with this guy that I have a huge crush on and a month ago he asked me out. We had muilple dates since then and I believed it was going good, we were making future date plans and everything. I hung out with him on a Tuesday (8/15) and it went well but then the next day at work he pulled me aside and said "I really like you but I can't continue this because I have a lot of thing going on" I was shocked and blindsided by this. Later that next I texted asking for a full explanation and he said that he wasn't over his ex and he tried moving on with me but couldn't get over his strong feeling for his ex. He never mentioned any ex to me or people at work so I never even knew he had one. He told me that he wants time to himself to figure things out and that right now we don't have a chance. Should I wait for him or just move on? I still really like him but right now I'm confused.

 Thank you

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