has he already confessed his feelings and is it up to me to do something?


 Last year I met this guy at my university and we kissed several times, but he had to leave university cause he didn’t like his course and so it ended there with me telling him to let me know if he comes back to this university to do another course (he lives in another country). We both really liked each other and connected but I didn’t want to start anything long distance as we didnt know each other well enough.

He always posts a lot of snapchat stories about what he does, in March I saw that he got into the course he wanted in my university but we didn’t text each other since he left. Few months later, I saw on his stories that he bought a plane ticket to go to our university (from italy to england) just for an evening (literally for 15 hours), which is weird because he had just seen all his friends from uni back home (they were just on holidays) and there was no special event that night. Everyone was back from holiday that evening so i should’ve been there as well but i had to fly back home abroad the day he came for some unexpected reason. On his way to the university from the airport he recorded himself singing ‘i want you back’ (a love song by jackson 5 i which a guy says the girls needs to let him ‘back in her heart’)… some of my friends saw him at the party that evening and he wasn’t with any girl that night, he also recorded himself waking up on the floor of his best guy friend’s room (which means he didnt go home with another girl). My friends told me that he came back for me, obviously because he had no reason to come to the university and because of that song. I had a lot of feelings for this guy but was in a difficult place of my life so i didnt text him/say anything ( also I’m very shy ).

After that he posted a lot of pictures/stories with girls but again, I ignored. Few days ago I unexpectedly saw him (for the first time since november) and so I went to say hi, he looked very embarrassed. Later at the club he came to see me and I asked him several times ‘lets go out 5 min to catch up’ but he kept saying ‘wait lets stay a bit longer here’ and didnt give any specific reason why. Then suddenly came the song ‘I want you back’ (the one he recorded himself singing on his way back to university) Because i was a bit tipsy i told him ‘ i love this song’ but i didnt say anything else. Right after the song he left without saying anything and i didnt go after him. Later that evening, he came up to me and I noticed he was kind of drunk but he took my hand and hugged me and we kissed several times. The day after i saw that the night before he had posted a story with the dj and another story when the song ‘i want you back’ came on, in which he also filmed me. also its a bit of an unusual song to play at the club so he might ve asked the dj to put it on…. We haven’t written to each other since then. but he has been posting A LOT of pictures with girls, he even posted a picture with his best friend (who is going out with one of his friends but I’m not supposed to know that) with written ‘Romeo and Juliet’. He usually doesn’t do things like that, it seems like he’s hurt and is trying to make me jealous. I don’t know what to do now.. should i text him something or should he still have texted me after that ?

 Thank you

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