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 We met at a friends birthday party back in January and immediately hit it off. Several things in common, hobbies, politics, even down to blasting the car radio while speeding down a highway. All of our friends see the sparks flying, I see the sparks, and I am sure she see's it as well. We even share a Spotify playlist and its 90% love songs.

I am a confident man, I have had no issues making the first move in the past. I have already been married twice and those relationships failed. The first wife was for 5 years and she cheated multiple times. The second I was with for 10 and she was physically and verbally abusive. I recently just ended a relationship that has gone on for 2.5 years, she was not who she claimed. I have to two modes, dating for fun, and dating for long term. I see this new woman as "long term" hence my concern.

Now for the twist, she's an open lesbian, has admitted to liking men in her youth. Even stated she's curious what its like to be with a man now. I do not want to cross a line with a friend, I am not the "Just haven't met the right dude" kind of guy. I respect her sexuality, if she states she is a lesbian, then I won't make a move.

I am being told by mutual friends to do something about it, they are basically "shipping" us together. They already think we're low-key dating and just keeping it ourselves. We hang out alone 4-5 times a week, we watch movies, hit the beach, go out for drinks, etc. By all the reports I get from friends, they state she is into me.

I have been telling myself that she's just friendly and I am deluding myself. Please advise...

 Thank you

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