Should i continue to ask her out



Allright, it all started while I was drinking coffee with my friends and she was there. She asked me few times in 2 nights literally "When will you call me out for coffee". I just responded to her: "I will" and continued talking with everyone. After that while we were still siting in the cafe she added me on fb and showed me she has like hundreds of man waiting to be accepted (I think she tried to impress me lol...). Ok next day cause I found her attractive I called her out and she said yes. We were at cafe for like 3 or 4 hours and she gave me signs shes interested in me like: 1. she doesnt have boyfriend, 2. she told me like "I didnt wana go with many other man and when i went with few I didnt have fun like I do with u", 3. she told me she had really fun time at the end of the date. Next 3 days after the date I was the one to text her first and ask her how are things going etc, and she would reply normally and ask back. After that I have asked her to go out and she told me she cant because she has to go somewhere with her mom. Next day I saw her siting with her friend (female) because we live in same neighborhood (meaning I didnt stalk her xD) and passed like I didnt see them (I was frustrated because she lied, and she couldnt see me only her friend could if she talked to her about me-idk if she mentioned me to her and showed her how I look). After that I told myself that i will not text her first or ask her to go out again, meaning if she wants to hang out she will ask. After that she didnt text or ask or anything and we have seen each other spontaneously and I acted cool like nothing happend. I dont know wtf this girl wanted? Maybe she just wanted to play mind games or she likes to make guys want her. Should I text her or let her go (I dont wana get embarassed by bad persons - im not sure if she is one but good ones certainly dont do this because she knows my close friends and we were all like going out). 

 Thank you 

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