Why did he act like this?



Met a single guy online. We're in our 30's. I'm separated... he knew I wouldn't be totally available for about a year. We talked every day for 3 weeks, then arranged to meet. We had dinner, drinks, talked until dawn, had sex, talked more. He didn't perform as well as he hoped, but it was ok. During our talks before and after the sex, he asked (at least 8 times) if I was willing to go on a vacation with him next week and hang with him for then next year until I'm totally free, which games we were going to, etc. I felt really close. Then I get the text on the way home..."maybe things were said because of drinking, you weren't as hot as your pics, you seemed bored at times, and maybe you can find someone better than me." I can understand saying a few things because of alcohol, but hours and hours of talking about how great we were together?

 Thank you

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