Dating more than one

I have been dating two guys currently...but I am having a hard time with it. When I am with one I feel bad for the other. I am very open and honest with the one, but I know the other would not have it. Not that we have had the exclusivity talk, but he just doesn't seem to be that way. I have become romanticly involved now with both men, but it doesn't seem right to me. I am drawn to both for different reasons. At what point do you stop dating one of them? I was married for 13 years, only dated one guy after my divorce and stayed with only him for 3 years until he screwed me over again and again. Now I just don't want to be serious with any guy. Is this normal? I dated multiple men in my 20's but not in my 40's, so I guess I really don't know how. Am I doing this dating thing right? And might I add that I do feel some jealousy pangs when the one does go out on dates and ignores me!

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