Will the next iPhone just be called 'iPhone'?

So I started writing this before the latest 'iPhone X' article came out from The Verge, stating that the bezel less iPhone will be called the iPhone X.I suppose my question still stands, after this year (with the iPhone X and 7S) will/should Apple just go the iPad route and release the bezel less AMOLED iPhone in 2018 as simply 'iPhone'?

They can't keep going forever. An iPhone 9 or 11 sounds weird, and they can't really go up to an iPhone 10, because it isn't even the 10th iPhone, or the model that marks the 10th anniversary.

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References  https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/9/16233536/will-the-next-iphone-just-be-called-iphone

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