Horrible Movies No One Should Be Forced To Watch Ever Again

Howard The Duck

This 1986 tale about a short, feather-covered visitor from space was presumably the first time anyone had seen a woman/duck hybrid in a bathtub. Other escapades include Lea Thompson fronting a rock band, Jeffrey Jones transforming into a Dark Overload, and a pre-stardom Tim Robbins hanging upside down from a duck-piloted airplane.

The Horror of Party Beach

A more realistic plot set-up than humanoid creatures derived from water plants and radioactive waste attaching themselves to human skeletons in a shipwreck and murdering young women? Horror greats like Wes Craven have their work seriously cut out for them.

The Swarm

Everyone knows that bees can bring down a helicopter, right? Because that is the first bit of action we're introduced to in this 1978 classic. After the Texans discover that bees cannot be killed with 10-gallon hats, the next method is to lure them to sea with sonically altered helicopters, douse them with oil, and set them ablaze.

Grease 2

Never before has love sounded as specific as Michelle Pfieffer proclaiming her lust for dudes on hogs. It's 1961, Sandy and Danny are no longer hallway fixtures at Rydell High, and a new gang of teenagers who also randomly break into song have taken over.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

It's 1988 and homicidal clowns are dispatching people with popcorn and cotton candy. After the team of stonewashed denim wearing heroes seemingly defeat all of the clowns, they are forced into a showdown with none other than Jojo The Klownzilla. Even though Jojo is 57 feet tall, his primary weakness is a police badge to the nose

Soul Plane

This attempt to reimagine 1980's "Airplane" with a more "urban" feel ended up being the most unintentionally racist film of 2004. Catch your flight at Malcolm X terminal, journey in a 747 with spinning rims and hydraulics, or place your life in the hands of Captain Mack, who learned to fly in prison.


Your classic tale of stoner meets stoner. Stoners get dumped by girlfriends. Stoners mistake a giant scientific test facility in the desert for a mall, and get trapped inside with a group of scientists.

Barb Wire

The movie was little more than an excuse to see Pamela Anderson disguised as a science-fiction blockbuster heroine. She eventually saves the day and helps the allies reach Canada, but no one should have to sit through that twice.


"Showgirls" received a lot of hype, thanks to "Saved by the Bell" cast member Elizabeth Berkley and its racy premise in which a drifter turns into a showgirl. The 1995 film went on to win what was then a record setting seven Golden Raspberry Awards, including Worst Picture.

Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector

The movie stars Larry the Cable Guy as a health inspector assigned to a rookie partner. Together, the pair solve several food poisoning cases. The 2006 film is ranked No. 85 on Rotten Tomatoes' "The 100 Worst Reviewed Films of All Time: 2000-2009" list.


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