What wireless USB adapter works with modem/router?

Hello. I rent my modem from Comcast. Although it is connected to a jack with a coaxial cable, it has a built-in router. It says "dual-band wifi 802.11 ac xb3" on the front of the modem. I want to connect to the Internet from another desktop wirelessly. The computer does not have a built-in antenna. The Comcast agent told me that I needed a wireless USB adapter on the other computer. These are easy enough to find, but I don't know what specifications I should be looking for. Could you help me with that? The computer that I want to connect wirelessly with has a Windows 7 OS. The average download speed of my Internet service is 120 Mbps. I would like to be able to keep that speed if possible, but anything over 50 should be fine since it's a secondary computer.

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