The Most Controversial Selfie

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we treat photography and the internet.

Give your everyday, run of the mill, common or garden 21st century human being a compact internet surfing photo taking device and, before you know it, they’ll be posting photos of themselves on any platform of social media they can access and the selfie frenzy is born. From teenage fangirls to world leaders, nobody is immune from the selfie phenomena.

However, not all selfies are innocent and fun. The wrong context, background, picture subject or even timing can turn the innocent selfie artist from just another social media user to the subject of headlines overnight.

. Rihanna commits animal poaching

What is it with celebrities and inappropriate pets? Rihanna’s snap of herself with an endangered slow loris whilst on the Diamond tour in Thailand was no doubt supposed to come across as cute and adorable to her fans, but instead sparked outrage among animal rights activists. The loris, an endangered primate native to Thailand, had been illegally removed from its natural habitat and was being rented out to tourists as a photo opportunity, a practice all too common in Thailand. Luckily for this creature, an unlikely hero was at hand. Rhianna’s selfie lead to the imprisonment of the two men responsible. The unintentional animal rights activist played a part in seeing the loris rehomed in a national park and making the world’s illegal animal trade a little bit smaller. One step at a time.

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