Breathing new life into a 2001 Bullitt with new valvetrain, intake, and exhaust mods

These days in the Mustang world it’s all Coyote, all the time. Rightfully so, because that engine has already reached legend-status. However, what has happened is that every other Mustang engine platform gets ignored in the process. Ask anyone about building a Two-Valve, and they act like you’ve lost your mind. Better yet, call up a Mustang shop, and ask about doing work to your 1996-2004 Mustang GT? Go ahead, we’ll wait. If they’ll work on it, they won’t be excited about it, and the shop might even talk you out of doing anything to it.

The 1996-1998 SN95 GT and New Edge GTs have reached the age where they’ve been beaten into submission, and then combine that with the fact that every other bolt will most likely break when taking the engine apart, and you can see why the dismay is there. Plus, compared to the Coyote engine, the Two-Valve engine is out of its league when talking about horsepower numbers; they aren’t even close. It takes a power adder on a Two-Valve to make the same power as a stock Coyote.

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