The Hidden Costs of Full-Time Software Developers

Software development is one of the hottest areas for outsourcing, with businesses realizing that they can easily assign projects to workers in remote areas and save money. Programming talent is not limited to any geographic area, especially now that so many organizations have dedicated themselves to cultivating and nurturing technology talent in developing nations.

But some companies steadfastly stick to the practice of paying salaried developers to handle all of their programming needs. These may be software development firms that provide applications to a variety of clients or businesses that have a full-time need for software development and upgrades.

“There are a myriad of reasons why enlisting the help of specialized freelance, tech talent can make a tangible impact on a company’s bottom line,” says 10x Management Founder, Rishon Blumberg. “In addition to getting fast access to high level technical expertise, working with a freelancer can save an organization money in a variety of ways.”

If your organization is one of the many paying salaries to full-time software developers, there are a few hidden costs that could make a difference. Outsourcing could eliminate these costs, giving your business an annual financial savings that can then be put toward other expenses.

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