10 Things You Never Knew About Final Fantasy

The Title Has Meaning

The creator of "Final Fantasy" tried, unsuccessfully, to make a popular game for years. The game was to be his last effort, hence the title "Final Fantasy", to make a marketable video game. The game was immensely successful, of course, and eventually became a series that's been around for decades.

The Game Has Multiple World Records

"Final Fantasy" has earned seven Guinness World Records. One of these records is for Best-selling Video Game. Other records involve aspects of the game's visuals, audio, and gameplay features. It also holds numerous other awards at different gaming publications and websites.

Spoony Bard' Meme

There are several popular memes dedicated to the "Final Fantasy" franchise. One such meme is the "Spoony Bard" insult, which comes from a line from the fourth game in the series, when one character uses it to insult another. It's used today to refer to the uselessness of the bard class in video games

The Original Was Full of Problems

The original game was full of errors and glitches. Known for being extremely detailed and complicated, "Final Fantasy" offers intricate character descriptions and plots. All of these elements make a great game, but they also leave tons of room for errors. A large part of the original game didn't work as intended, but that didn't stop gamers from enjoying the ending

The Game Was Inspired by a Popular Board Game

The board game "Dungeons and Dragons" inspired many of the aspects of "Final Fantasy." This game is a bit of a cult classic and it has multiple character classes with detailed descriptions, intricate gameplay, as well as a huge plot with tons of twists and choices to make. It's actually pretty obvious that the maker of "Final Fantasy" was a huge "Dungeons and Dragons" fan.

The Original Was Made by 7 People

A mere seven people created the original "Final Fantasy" game. This may not sound too impressive at first, but consider that the most recent titles in the series took literally hundreds of people to make. The original seven creators must have been amazing designers to create such a detailed game with such a small task force.

The First Game Did Not Include Chocobos

Chocobos are quite easily some of the most popular creatures in this video game. They specialize in carrying characters to and from whatever destination is next on their quest. But many people don't realize that chocobos weren't always part of the game. They weren't included at all in the original storyline, but were added in later and stayed throughout the series

Peninsula of Power

The Peninsula of Power is a section of land on the original game that has high-level monsters due to a glitch in the programming. It's accessible by water ship, though the creatures were meant for later in the game, after the characters gain access to the airship. It's an easy way to level up quickly at the beginning of the story.

Secret Puzzle

A secret puzzle game is accessible once you have the ship. Players can unlock it by pressing the A and B buttons together 55 consecutive times. They can play and solve the game an unlimited number of times, which is great because they'll earn 100 gil each time they do so.

The Original Was Released in Europe in 2003

Nintendo released the American version of "Final Fantasy" in 1987. The company did not release the European version, however, until nearly two decades later in 2003. They released it under the title "Final Fantasy Origins." That's a long time to wait, but it was probably well worth it.


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