The Mummy Movie Review

"THE MUMMY STORY: Millennia after being denied her fate, a betrayed Egyptian princess is back from the dead to take revenge. Determined to reclaim all that should have been hers, she unleashes terrors beyond human understanding.

THE MUMMY REVIEW: Tom Cruise manages to stay fit at the age of 54 because he spends a lot of time running in his action movies. He also endures copious amounts of physical abuse, ranging from getting beaten up to thrown around; all for our viewing pleasure, while he gets a hefty paycheck in return. It's a fair trade for the most part - these are popcorn blockbusters that are mindless fun, and everyone is reasonably entertained. So it's hardly a shocker that Cruise ends up going through his tried and tested 'Mission Impossible' motions in ‘The Mummy’.

Unfortunately, the entertainment value in this franchise-building reboot is thinly spread, leaving you feeling deprived if not cheated. This is a shoddy stab at merging action, mythology, horror and comedy resulting in conflicting tonality. Even the occasionally surprising, massive set pieces with elements flying at you in 3D, are interspersed between two-dimensional characters who exist merely to cater to movie tropes.

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