Tips for Managing an SEO Team

Whether your search engine optimization team is in-house or at an agency, staying in touch with what they are working on is critical. A team left to their own devices may eventually flounder based on lack of direction, or worse, go in the wrong direction. 

Meeting Structure 

First and foremost, define a clearly articulated SEO meeting structure and make sure the meetings appear on everyone's calendars, as recurring. The basic structure should include a weekly checkpoint, with one of the weekly meetings used to discuss the monthly performance. 

In Person and On Camera 

Face-to-face communication is important. It increases the level of understanding and helps to build rapport. You make more when you have a working relationship with your peers when you're just a voice on the phone. 

Roadmaps and Project Lists 

Every program needs a roadmap - a document that outlines all plans for the year, who owns them, when they are due, and includes links to any documentation for that project. 

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