Help this newbie with a new Wacom purchase!

So I've been searching a lot about the tablets on the google and there's just a lot of information, I have Wacom One (Small) and it's really frustrating to work in a small space of that tablet, I was thinking of going with Intuos 3D Medium but then I thought I might save up more and get Wacom Intuos Pro Medium instead, is that worth it? (I figured Large would be a waste for me, so I didn't consider it)

Before, I wanted to get a new SSD with the Intuos 3D upgrade, both would cost me somewhere around 450-500$ at max. (My current SSD Size is 128 GB and I only have about 12 GB left in space with all the 3D Programs installed)*

I wanted a 500 GB SSD with the Intuos 3D, is that a better option than to buy an Intuos Pro Medium? Because with Pro, I have to cancel the SSD, if it's worth it.

My screen size is 21.5 Inches (Dell S2240L) @ 1080p.

Also do you happen to know if normal Pro series is great enough for professional work? Because now they have some fancy "Pro Pen & Touch" tablets and I don't know which one to go for, the Pen & Touch is a bit expensive.

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