The Microsoft Graph will soon cast a wider net that spans Windows, Android and iOS

The Microsoft Graph is Microsoft’s service that lets developers get data out of its productivity apps like Office 365 and its other cloud-based productivity services. That’s not changing, but as Microsoft announced today, it’s massively expanding the reach of what the Microsoft Graph can do and where developers and users can interact with it.

In its original version, the Microsoft Graph was about connecting people and documents in a business environment — now, the company is adding devices and third-party applications into the mix and with that. This enables a whole slew of new possibilities, especially around healthcare solution video allowing users to start tasks on one device and then finish them on another — whether that’s a Windows PC or an iPhone or an Android device.

This extended Graph will, for example, allow users to take what they are doing in an application on a Windows machine and then finish that task in the mobile version of that service on another device — maybe an Android phone. Say you are filling out a form in a line-of-business app on Android. You can start that process on Android and then finish it on your Windows PC once you get home, with the Microsoft Graph handling the data transfer and hand-off.



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