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On Dribbble, brand designers are in the minority. The greater part of the Dribbble community comprises those who deal with interfaces, UX and animations. So when traveling to Gdańsk, Poland last July to their first Dribbble Meetup, I expected to meet a similar audience. Indeed, there were mostly freelance web designers and multidisciplinary folks who have been asked to design a logo at least once.

However, I decided not to talk about how to create a good logo. You can find a lot of articles about how a timeless logo should look or the core characteristics of a good logo online. Instead, I focused on the process itself.

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As logo and brand designers, our work starts long before the first concept sketches, and finishes long after the last perfectly placed pixel.

Our work requires so much more than just creative ideas and technical skills — it compels us to be a marketer, strategist, psychologist, salesperson, showman and project manager at the same time. It’s difficult, but it’s also exciting and challenging!

The goal of my article is to help you rethink your (logo) design workflow. Some of these tips are mine, others are borrowed from world-famous designers. All these tips and tricks are tested and proven, and are tailored to improve your workflow for (re)branding projects.

“By the way, I also need a logo.” Link

Ta-da! You’ve just got a web design project. A new product or service is about to show up on the worldwide market and needs your creative help. Then you asked for brand guidelines and heard, “Oh, we don’t have a logo yet. Can you create it?”

A moment of doubt (because branding is not your main area of business) and you reply, “Yeah, sure!”

Such an answer is quite common. Clients prefer not to split one project between several designers. However, the logo design process has its own characteristics. And its outcome depends not only on how meaningful and elegant the logo will be, but also on the workflow you have.

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