Volkswagen Autoeuropa 3D Prints Manufacturing Tools to Save Thousands of Euros

Desktop 3D printers are being found in the manufacturing industry at an increasing rate. This is because fused filament fabrication (FFF) systems provide an affordable and accessible method for producing manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures that speed up a company’s time to market while reducing the costs associated with having these parts made by a third-party service provider.In the case of Volkswagen Autoeuropa, relying on Ultimaker 3D printers to fabricate these components in-house resulted in a 95 percent reduction in development times and a 91 percent drop in costs, saving the company what is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

How is such a phenomenon possible?Manufacturing Tools at Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Located in Palmela, Portugal, Volkswagen Autoeuropa is the company’s assembly plant associated with the production of the Volkswagen Sharan, Scirocco, Eos and the Seat Alhambra totaling over 100,000 vehicles per year.

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