Rhetorical Questions To Create New Ideas For Learning

Lately I’ve found myself squinting a bit at some of the practices and structures in teaching and learning.

This squinting is less about efficiency or performance, but rather what effect each piece has—a kind of causal analysis. This is the cause, and it might have this effect.

In trying to imagine what would be different if we did this instead of that, I was surprised at how education has settled on a small handful of models in light of so much possibility. Was it because we’ve found the magic formula, and in 2017 we’re in an era of simple refinement? That we know “what works,” and now it’s all a matter of tweaks?That if teachers just listened and did what they were told and used #edtech and stuck to the script and if parents just read to kids and if poverty wasn’t an issue and if classrooms were more inviting and we just used the data that is staring us in the face that it’d all somehow coalesce?

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